Fancy robots? Come and take part in the SynC Contest!

SynC Contest is an embedded software project competition sponsored by ANSYS, Expectra, the Engineering School of Denis Diderot EIDD and the University Paris-Diderot.

This is a Robotics Challenge giving you the opportunity to pit your technical skills against your fellow students. Your task will be to program a robot to complete a 3D navigational challenge doing the best you can.

It is open to individuals and small teams using the SCADE tools to develop safe, inventive and collaborative projects. Come and apply the theory of synchronous paradigms and skills you’ve learned in the classroom to a hands-on challenge.

For each member of the winning team: a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

For each member of the 2nd winning team: a Parrot Swing Drone
The jury will also reward a special prize for its favorite robot and poster project.

Main Dates:
Friday, December 18th 2016: Registrations closed
Monday, December 19th 2016: Initial Submissions
Friday, January 20th 2017: End of Submissions for Virtual Drivers
Friday, January 27th 2017: End of Submissions for Lego Mindstorms Drivers
Thursday, February the 2nd 2017: On-site final at the EIDD, follow it on our channel.