How many people can be on a team?
The maximum number of participants in a team is 5 people.

What is the timeline?
The competition runs from September 20th 2016 through January the 20th 2017. You can conduct your project whenever you want during this period. The final will take place on February the 2nd 2017. You must be present this day to compete and receive your prize.

How can I register me or my team?
Just fill in the form here to register.

Can I make changes to an entry I submitted?

From December 2nd 2016 until January the 20th 2017, you can regularly update your project submission.

My project is complete; how do I submit it?

Make sure to submit your project. No other action is required. When the competition is over, all project submissions will be frozen and then evaluated.

What are the prizes?
The best project (based on Competition criteria) will receive a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 for each team member. The jury will also reward a special prize for its heartbreak robot and poster project.

How will the projects be judged?
In brief, the projects will be judged based on the project submission, according to the quality of the submitted project, its operational performance and the project reach. The complete process is defined in the Terms and Conditions.

How will I know if I win the competition? When will I receive my prize?

Winners will be announced on February the 2nd at the end of the Competition day. They must be present to be selected and receive their prizes.

What are the hardware and software requirements?
This competition is around the SCADE tools and synchronous paradigms. Any environment meeting these conditions is acceptable.

Does it need to be SCADE? Can I also use language X or Y?
You can use any language you want, but the project will be judged on the SCADE part.
If, for instance, your project uses a C library, the SCADE binding will be taken into account by the judges. This is for example an opportunity for you to design a SCADE interface for this library and share it with the community, you will get points in the collaborative criterion (don’t forget to mention it in your project submission).

Where to learn SCADE?
There are many resources available for you to learn SCADE on the web. Here's a sampling:
What if I need some help while I am working on my robot?
The Organization team will provide you regularly with development tips and training supports.
Besides this, dare to ask your professors about synchronous programming, SCADE, or how to embed code into your robot.

Who is eligible to enter the competition?

Any individual or team of individuals aged 18 or above can participate to the competition. No business-supported people/projects are allowed however: we want this competition to be for enthusiasts. See the Terms and Conditions.

What if I don’t have a robot?
Usually, almost all universities and engineering schools have some robots. You should go and ask your professors. Take the opportunity to also ask them for their support and recommendations.