Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions, the Competition Process, and the “Note d’Information sur les données personnelles (24 août 2016) pour la Compétition Sync Contest” (collectively referred to as “the Competition Agreement”) shall govern the participation of the Participants in the "SynC Contest" as defined hereinafter. In case of contradiction between these aforementioned documents, these Terms and Conditions shall prevail.

Esterel Technologies SAS, a wholly owned subsidiary of ANSYS Inc. (the “Organizer”), under the laws of France, registered under n° 429 612 351 at the registry of the Versailles, with offices at 8 rue Blaise Pascal, Parc Euclide, 78 990 Elancourt, FRANCE organizes the Competition.

“SynC Contest” (or “the Competition”) is a programming contest which rewards the skill in using the ANSYS SCADE tools and synchronous paradigms on robots. The best three projects and out of all the submitted projects and before the deadline shall result in Prizes for the corresponding Participants, as per the conditions further described in the Competition Process.
The participation in the Competition is free. No purchase is required to enter the Competition.

The Participants shall be at least eighteen (18) years old and be affiliated with an academic facility. The Participants cannot be in a situation of conflict of interest in relation with the Organizer, the Sponsors and/or the Panelists. Such Participants shall meet the Eligibility conditions described in the Competition Process. The Participants can participate in a team in the limits of the number authorized (“Team”) or individually. In case of a Team, all the Participants must individually meet the Eligibility conditions. Moreover, a person shall be designated within the Team as a “Team Lead” to coordinate the communication with the Organizer.
For avoidance of doubt, the Participants are allowed to request reasonable help from their professor(s). However, such help shall not amount to a personal participation by the professor(s). Should the Organizer ascertain such cases, the Participant will be disqualified from the Competition.

The Competition may be sponsored by other companies (the “Sponsors”) which will provide in-kind support for the Competition, at the sole discretion of the Organizer. For this Competition, the Organizer organizes this event in collaboration with Expectra (276, avenue du Président Wilson, 93211 Saint-Denis la Plaine Cedex, FRANCE) and the Engineering School EIDD (5 rue Thomas Mann, 75013 Paris, FRANCE).


The ingenuity, skill and talent of the Participants with regards to their contributions in the Competition will be assessed according to a set of criteria by a group of professionals suitably qualified. The criteria and the names of the Panelists are provided in the Competition Process.

It is agreed between the Organizer and the Participants:
1. Compliance with the Competition Agreement: By registering to the Competition, the Participants agree to comply with the provisions of the Competition Agreement as a whole. The Competition Agreement is accessible on the following links: 2. Compliance with the applicable Software License Agreement for any use of Esterel Technologies software: Any use of Esterel Technologies SAS software shall be governed by the applicable software license agreement whether under a clickwrap, electronic or paper version. Should the aforementioned agreement not exist between the Organizer and the Participant, the applicable software license agreement shall be the one available at this address http://www.ansys.com/-/media/Ansys/corporate/files/pdf/footer/WLA-August-22-2011.pdf?la=en.

3. Independent work of the Participants: The Participant(s) warrant(s) that he/she/they did not receive any specific (notably technical) support from a legal entity (such as a university or a company) for their project, other than:
  • the use of tools (such as computers and a network connection) normally provided by that entity and on which personal usage is permitted by the rules of that entity or that are of a de minims nature;
  • the support provided freely by the Sponsors of “SynC Contest”;
4. Request for licenses: Following acceptation of the Participant registration, the Organizer will send to the Participants a Web License Form for an ANSYS SCADE Suite ADV and KCG license. This document should be signed and returned via email at scade-academics@ansys.com to ensure licenses delivery.

5. Prizes waiver for Teams: The Team represents and warrants that they waive their right to sue the Organizer or the Panelists on any grounds connected to the award of the Prizes.
In addition, they waive their right to sue the Organizer and Panelists for the absence of payment or delivery of the Prizes awarded to the Team, as long as the Organizer delivered such Prizes to the Team Lead in the conditions described in the Competition Process.
The Team Lead will indemnify and keep the Organizer, Sponsors and Panelists harmless against any claim or action in relation to the distribution or delivery of the Prizes, or lack thereof, between the Participants in their Team, provided that the Organizer delivered such Prizes to them.

6. Export control compliance: The Participants warrant that their project is made in compliance with any applicable French and European Export Control Regulations, in particular the regulation of the Council n°428/2009 in the European Union. The Participants will indemnify and hold the Organizer and Panelists harmless against any claim or action that their project, or any part thereof, infringes the French and European Export Control Regulations.

7. Good character: The Participants warrant that their projects do not contain any defamatory, obscene, illegal or otherwise inappropriate material. The Participants will indemnify and hold the Organizer and Panelists harmless against any claim or action that their project, or any part thereof, contains defamatory, obscene, illegal or otherwise inappropriate material.

8. Prizes: The Prizes shall have no monetary value. The Organizer and the Sponsors will not pay the amount of the Prizes in lieu of the Prizes themselves.
By participating in the Competition, you agree to release, discharge, and hold harmless the Organizer, its respective affiliates, and any individuals engaged in the development or execution of this Competition, from any liability, claims, losses, and damages arising out of or related to your participation in this Competition or the acceptance, use, misuse, or possession of any prize received in this Competition.

9. Duration: The Competition Agreement (including these Terms) shall be valid from the point of registration of the Participants until the end of the Competition on February the 2nd 2017. Notwithstanding the foregoing, any provisions of the Competition Agreement which contemplates performance or observance subsequent to termination or expiration of the Competition Agreement shall survive the termination or expiration of the Competition Agreement and continue in full force and effect.

10. Intellectual property rights
10.1 Participants retain full intellectual property rights (including copyright, patents, trademarks, know-how) on the contents of their projects. They warrant that no employer (where applicable) shall have any intellectual property rights on their projects. Therefore, the Participants have full rights to provide the licenses hereunder.
10.2 Participants grant to the Organizer and each of the Sponsors:
10.2.1 a worldwide, non-exclusive right to use, reproduce, transfer, translate and correct, permanently or temporarily and by any means, the content of their projects for the purpose of organizing the Competition, communicating its results and promoting the ANSYS SCADE tools, for the duration reasonably required for those purposes;
10.2.2 a worldwide, non-exclusive right to use, reproduce, transfer, run, analyses and test by any means, any software or documentation that is part of their projects for the purpose of evaluating their project and for the duration reasonably needed for those purposes;
10.2.3 the right to use of their names in relation to their project and the Competition by the Organizer or the Sponsors, on any usual commercial sites such as the https://sites.google.com/site/synccontest2016/ and http://www.Esterel-Technologies.com/ websites or the Organizer’s blog.
10.3 In addition, the winning Team(s)/Participants agree to participate to an interview which content will be used under the aforementioned conditions;
10.4 Overall, the Participants agree that the day of the finale will be recorded and the content will be shared under the aforementioned conditions.
10.5 The Participants will indemnify and hold the Organizer and Panelists harmless against any claim or action that their project, or any part thereof, infringes the intellectual property rights of a third party. In particular, Participants will indemnify the Organizer against judgments, awards, damages and costs, including court and arbitration costs and attorney fees, ultimately awarded on such claim. Participants shall notify the Organizer as soon as they are aware of any such claim, along with any information relevant for the case, and shall abstain from discussing with the claimant the merits of the case until the Organizer is aware of the claim. For the application of the present clause, the Participants of a Team will be considered jointly and severally.

11. The Organizer’s discretionary rights affecting the Competition: The Organizer reserves the right to, in its sole discretion:
11.1 immediately disqualify any Participant or Team from the Competition and remove from https://sites.google.com/site/synccontest2016/ the project of any Participant or Team which does not comply with the Competition Agreement;
11.2 terminate the Competition without awarding any of the Prizes if there is less than eight (8) regular projects submitted made by 23:59 CEST on Friday December 18th 2016, in which case the Organizer shall promptly inform all registered Participants by e-mail;
11.3 modify or terminate this Competition for any reason, including in the event of any act or occurrence that it believes would corrupt the integrity, administration, or fairness of the Competition;
11.4 amend the present rules from time to time, in particular to improve their clarity or address points in relation to the Competition that were not addressed before, or to change the list of Panelists. The latest version of these rules is accessible on https://sites.google.com/site/synccontest2016/. Participants agree to such latest terms by submitting their projects;
11.5 to employ reasonable efforts to keep the https://sites.google.com/site/synccontest2016/ website up and running at all times, but reserves the right to make it temporarily unavailable for security or maintenance purposes with no advance notice;
11.6 to cancel the Competition at any point without prior written notice if the Organizer is prevented to perform its obligations under the Competition Agreement due to a cause of Force Majeure.

12. Severability: If any provision of the Competition Agreement will be invalid, such provision will be ineffective only to the extent of such invalidity without invalidating the remainder of the Competition Agreement.

13. Applicable law and jurisdiction: The rights and obligations of the Organizer and the Participants will be governed by the Laws of France, notwithstanding any rule of conflict of law. Any disputes arising under or relating to the Competition shall be submitted to the commercial courts of Nanterre.