Competition Process

This Competition Process is fully part of the Competition Agreement to which the Participant(s) automatically adhere to by registering to the Competition.

For more details, check the Terms and Conditions.

1. Eligibility to participate

“SynC Contest” is open to both “Individual Participants” and “Team Participants” (collectively, “Participants”).
"Individual Participants" must be at least the age needed to legally enter into this agreement under the laws of France (minimum 18 years old). The Participants shall be affiliated to an academic facility and use their university email address to register to the Competition.

“Teams” are composed of between two and five Team Participants, each of whom must be individually eligible. Each team must designate one of its members as the “Team Lead”, who will:
  • be the only point of contact between the Team and the Organizer and be the recipient of all communication on behalf of the Team;
  • receive any prize awarded to the Team and be responsible for sharing it among the Team Participants.

For avoidance of doubt, employees and contractors of the Organizer, Sponsors and Panelists, and the family members of, and any persons domiciled with, such employees or contractors, are not eligible to enter the Competition. Participants are allowed to request reasonable help from their professor(s). However, such help shall not amount to a personal participation by the professor(s). Should the Organizer ascertain such cases, the Participant will be disqualified from the Competition.

2. Registration

The Participants must register their intent to participate to the Competition on this link between 09:00 CEST on Monday September 20th 2016 and but no later than 23:59 CEST on Friday December 18th 2016.

During registration, the following personal data will be requested from all Participants:
  • full name;
  • team name;
  • academic e-mail address;
  • referring entity and its address;
  • ipconfig of their Windows computers;

Team Leads will be required to provide the following additional “Personal Data”:
  • postal address;
  • phone number.

The aforementioned personal data of the Participants are governed by the “Note d’Information sur les données personnelles (24 août 2016) pour la Compétition Sync Contest”, available at this address.

3. Submission of Projects

Each Individual Participant’s and each Team’s submitted project shall contain:
  • A technical description of the project, including the development methodology and the project assurance of quality, within a limit of 10 pages excluding annexes;
  •  Pictures or videos explaining the architecture, the content and/or the overall performance of the project;
  • Hyperlinks or references to external resources, such as a github or public svn repository, containing the proper sources and/or documentation of the project;
  • Hyperlinks or references to any promotion or communication done by the Team and/or any Supporter around the project or generally the Competition.

The project will be a very important support used by the Panelists to determine the winning Participant(s)/Team(s) and must meet the following conditions:
  • All material except source code (such as documentation, and videos) must be in English;
  • The Participants warrant and represent that the project is a) original; b) solely owned by the Participant(s)/Team(s) so that no other party has any rights or interest in the project, whether known or unknown; and c) does not violate the intellectual property, common law, or any rights of any third parties. In general, you warrant that the project fully complies with the Competition Agreement;
  • The project must use the ANSYS SCADE tools and synchronous paradigms. It can optionally use components written in other languages (such as third-party libraries), but the Panelists will only evaluate the original part of the Project using ANSYS SCADE.

The projects can be initially submitted at this link by Participants between 15:00 CEST on Monday, December 19th 2016 and 23:59 CEST on Friday, January 20th 2017. Such submitted projects can be amended, corrected, or improved any time during this period. However, the submitted projects are non amendable after the 20th of January 2017.

4. Organization

For technical reasons and to ensure a smooth finale, the Organizer will send an email to the Participants/Teams to request the platform used. Such information will be required to participate to the finale.

On Thursday, February the 2nd 2017, the Participants will be welcome around 9am at the Denis Diderot Engineering School Paris. All along the day, the Participants will be competing on their submitted projects. In addition, the panellists will challenge the Participants without prior warnings. In fact, the competition is assessed on skill and talent. This is why the Participants might have to face a slight change in the initial requirements on such the day. Therefore, we would recommend your design to be very modular to be able to adapt easily to any unexpected requirements.

In addition, for the Participants who would be interested by collateral activities, there should be round tables, posters exhibitions to entertain the public. Detailed agenda and commodities will be disclosed later on.

5. Panelists

The Projects will be evaluated by the Panelists mentioned at this page that might be subject to change.

6. Criteria to determine the winning Participant(s)/Team(s)

The projects will be evaluated using the information available either directly from the submitted project or indirectly from the resources referred to in the submitted project. The overall result of the Competition will be assessed according to the following marking system:
  • 50 % is dedicated to the evaluation of the quality of the Development Folder;
    • Associated criteria:
      • Safe: Does the project make use of processes that provide high confidence that the software meets its requirements?
      • Collaborative: Is the project usable by other members of the programming community? Does it have clearly-defined interfaces and documentation?
      • Modular: Does its architecture offer any flexibility? Did the Participant/Team take into account that projects might change over time?
      • Inventive: Does the project demonstrate out-of-the-box thinking, does it bring new solutions to an existing problem, or apply existing solutions to a novel problem?
  • 40 % is dedicated to the evaluation of the operational validation;
    • Associated criteria:
      • Quality of followed process: Are the performances of the robot in the virtual and real environments complying with requirements? Do you have one or several projects? What is your justification for that decision?
      • Ethics and fair-play.
  • 10 % is dedicated to evaluation of the project presentation on social media and at the Competition.

The prizes will be distributed to the Participants/Teams who obtained the highest marks in comparison to the rest of the Participants in the order explained hereinafter.

7. Finalists

The prizes will be awarded to the Finalists selected as follows:
  • Each Panelist gives each project an integer grade from 0 to 5 (5 being the best) in each of the Criteria, which are added together to form a total grade.
  • Starting from the highest awarded total grade and continuing to successively lower grades, projects with that total grade will be named Finalists.

For each prize, a multiple-round election shall take place among the Panelists; each Panelist shall cast one ballot. The prize shall be awarded at the first round to the Finalist, if any, obtaining the majority of the ballots cast. If no majority exists, a second round shall take place among the two or more Finalists obtaining the most ballots at the first round. The prize shall then be awarded to the Finalist obtaining the most ballots. A tie will be broken by having additional rounds until a single Finalist obtains the most ballots. After each round, the Panelists will further discuss the merits of each Finalist.

Panelists shall cast their vote for the Finalist that best embodies the selection Criteria.

Decisions of the Panelists are final and binding upon all Participants and the Organizer.

8. Prizes

The following prizes will be awarded as part of the Competition:
  • For the winning team a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 of 280€ for each team member.
  • For the second winning team a Parrot Swing drone of of 139€ or equivalent prize for each team member.
  • The jury will also reward a special prize for its favorite robot and poster project.
The Panelists have the option to award only some of the prizes if the number or quality of the project is unsatisfactory.

9. Award of Prizes

The winning Participant(s) or Team(s) will be announced on Thursday February the 2nd 2017 at 17:00 CEST during the final day. They must be in attendance at the event to collect their prize. In the event that the winning team is not in attendance, first place will be awarded to the second placed team.

The Finalists will be announced on the Organizer and Sponsors webpages, Facebook and Twitter, and blogs.
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