The challenge is about your robot being able to circulate into a city. This city will be both virtual and real.

Below are the details of what the competition entitles:

Your robot will receive an itinerary as input and information from the city, either real or virtual with a display panel. The city will be simple, with colored roads, curves and  crossings, traffic lights and speed limits.

You will discover both the itinerary and the map of the city the day of the final. Your robot should be able to work in any city, independently of its configuration.

Your robot needs two wheels driven by servomotors and two color sensors (for the road and for traffic lights). It can eventually have a sonar.

The precise set of requirements to start your development will be provided to you after registration. It will include:
  • a simulator for the city;
  • a simulator for the car;
  • a graphical panel;
  • the development guidelines.
Then you will have all you need to start the implementation of your automatic driver and the construction of your robot.

Remember that not only the result is important, but also the quality of the development process and of your project.

You don't want to program a robot, but still you would like to share your activities around Scade or synchronous languages?

Not a problem! Register here and prepare for the day of the competition a A1 size poster. You may also want to prepare an elevator pitch to present to the Jury.

Original supports are also welcome, just remember to tell the Organizers.