About embedded programming and Synchronism

You woke up, turned on your coffee machine, and got ready. Then maybe you took your car, the metro, the train or possibly the plane. Now you are using your computer, whose energy comes from maybe nuclear, solar or hydraulic resources.

Do you know that all these devices, from your coffee machine, to your car, the electrical plants and satellites, function thanks to the embedded code that defines their actions?

With the increase of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs, or drones) in the skies, the rapid rise of robotics, and the development of embedded technologies and autonomous smart systems, modern engineers are required to have more knowledge of model-based systems engineering and embedded software than their predecessors.

ANSYS, Expectra and the Denis Diderot School of Engineers created the SynC Contest competition specifically to promote the use of the Scade and synchronous languages, and demonstrate their advantages. Our hope is that by participating in this competition individuals, or small teams, will gain first-hand experience with these technologies and their benefits.

The ANSYS SCADE Product Family are used as a support to reach your challenge goals. The recommended tool is ANSYS SCADE Suite® which empowers users with a Model-Based Development Environment for critical embedded software. With native integration of the formally-defined Scade language, ANSYS SCADE Suite is the integrated design environment for critical applications spanning requirements management, model-based design, simulation, verification, qualifiable/certified code generation, and interoperability with other development tools and platforms.